The Fan Hall of Fame

The world’s greatest sports fans deserve a hall of fame.
Now, they have one.

Fans are not born, they are made.

Their devotion is forged from victories and defeats. Family, friends, coincidence, and catastrophe all play a role. It all compiles and compounds to make a fan.

Every fan has a story of how they were made. Fans worthy of the Fan Hall of Fame have the best stories. They’ve seen the most. They’ve been there for the ups and downs. There’s a reason they went to the next level.

The Fan Hall of Fame is an institution devoted to discovering, elevating, and celebrating greatness in sports fandom. At its core, it is meant to honor those who have gone above and beyond in their careers as fans.

In Year One, we formally inducted the Hall’s first three members, The Green Men, Emily Pitek, and Captain Dee-Fense.

In Year Two, we inducted three more worthy individuals, The Georgia Joker, Canaan Sandy and Sign Lady.

In Year three, we will find three more inductees to join them.

From 10/27—11/16, we’ll open applications for the Hall on our website.

From 11/16—11/30, our judging panel will narrow down the applicants to ten finalists.

From 12/1—12/10, we’ll host a public vote to determine 2014’s three inductees.

If you belong in the Hall, prove it. Apply here.