2013 Applicant

Miami Dolphins


Jennifer Schultz / Dolphin Diva

Hello! Please allow me to introduce myself to you, my name is Jen "Dolphin Diva" Schultz, and I am a *huge* fan of the Miami Dolphins. I cannot remember a time in my life that did not involve football; more specifically, the Miami Dolphins.

As a Registered Nurse, you can imagine how much fun it has been to try to plan a schedule, especially during football season. Most people fight over *traditional holidays*. Not me. As soon as the NFL schedule is released in late April, let the vacation requests begin! I plan my schedule (and my LIFE) around that schedule. Work hours and even days may have to be adjusted to ensure game days are not missed. Casually I went to games in the late 1980’s and early 1990’s, but I’ve been a proud season ticket member since 1996.

Even my Company Commander in the Army understands my love for the Miami Dolphins and will sometimes allow me to miss a scheduled day if there is conflict. As you can already see, I spend much of my time in a uniform; either in nursing scrubs or Army ACUs. Football is my time to get away and I wear a different kind of costume...aqua and orange from head to toe to represent my team!

My game day routine begins quite early: for a 1 pm game, I usually get up at 5:30 am to get my gear on and pack up my car with tailgating items, and hopefully other fans. The funny thing is, I had to convince the front office to authorize an extra parking pass to my account b/c my husband does not like to get to the games as early as I do! Everything from custom wigs down to custom stilettos...my game day uniforms scream passion for my team. And so do I!

Frequently on Monday mornings I am much softer spoken due to a lost voice from the day before screaming and cheering for my team...no matter how they did on the field. I am at the stadium before the gates open waiting in the line to get in; our group of Phin Addicts has a tailgate to do! We love to welcome Dolphin fans from all over the world to come together and celebrate, as well as visiting fans for *good natured* rivalries.

In Miami, we have had some rough years, several losing seasons (even a forgettable recent 1-15!!) but we stay until the bitter end of every game...win or lose. During the game you can usually find me on my feet trying to engage the fans around me; yelling DEEE-FENSSEEE!!! Or getting them to “Shhhhh….Quiet on Offense!” Whatever we can do to try to support the players on the field because I do believe that they can feel our energy. Since sometimes the Dolphins have to play on the road, I like to organize watch parties and get Dolphin fans together to promote the love of our team.

When I can, I try to travel to 1 or 2 games a season, as finances permit. I actually really enjoy traveling to see the team play - getting to meet Dolphin fans from around the country (and even around the world) is exciting! I also really enjoy meeting the fans from the other teams - promoting good sportsmanship is something very important to me. Sports (even our rivalries) is one of the things that really should bring us all together, not tear us apart.

I am proud to represent my team the best that I can as a proud member of hardcore Miami Dolphin fans know as "Phin Addicts." We arrive as early as we possibly can to the stadium and stay until the final seconds tick off the clock. I have met so many great friends that I know now as family; from Jeff "Stripe" Rudman, James "Chucky" Roche, Ralph Lanier Jr., Lisa Johnson of NFLFemale.com, Roger "Maniac" Avila, Yvi Moran, Griffin "Ohiofinfan4life" VanNest; my game day is incomplete without them!

I am a big believer in the "Pay it Forward" concept. I have worked with the Miami Dolphins organization to provide: game day tickets and on field experience including presentation of our Nation's Colors for Soldiers; arranging and donating toys for the Toys for Tots drive; Donation of products for Care Packages and assembly of Care Packages for Soldiers on September 11 activities; Donations in sponsorship of riders in Annual Dolphins Cycling Challenge; Donations and Public Support of Fans Against Violence. Promotion and financial donation to support bringing a family with a special needs child in from California to attend their first Miami Dolphins home game; Promotion and served as a guardian for Southeast Florida Honor Flight; bringing World War II Veterans to Washington DC to see their Memorial.