2013 Applicant

Ohio State Buckeyes


Jon P. Peters / BIG NUT

As the Big Nut, I try to exemplify good sportsmanship, but more importantly, the spirit and passion of a fan that loves his sport, but most of all loves his team. To me the Buckeye fans, I cherish, just as much, if not more than the team itself, I truly believe that I have a sense of responsibility to them, to be the 12th man, and do what it takes to raise the spirit and passion of the BUCKEYE NATION, so the players on the field elevate their level of play. If you are not loud & proud for your team, what kind of fan are you? It's easy to be a big fan when you win, but what makes you a bigger & better fan of your team is when you lose or face adversity. I feel that I need to be a leader and trend setter in the BUCKEYE NATION, just like The Ohio State University is the leader & trend setter in the collegiate world. In 2011, I started a pay it forward program with a 501c(3) non-profit organization called The Big Nut Scholarship Fund, to award high school seniors a scholarship to attend The Ohio State University. Being a BUCKEYE Fan is....All Day, Every Day. GO BUCKS and GOD BLESS!! Jon "BIG NUT" Peters