2014 Applicant

Pittsburgh Steelers


Brian Kobrzynski Jr / Kobe

My name is Brian Kobrzynski jr and I live in chalfont pa about 40 mins away from the link (Eagles stadium). So why am I not a eagles fan well my father on the left has raised me and my two sisters to be die hard steelers fans he has also tured many other family members and friends to the black and gold side. The reason why I think the Kobrzynski family should be in the hall of fame is every Sunday we get our steelers jerseys on and go to a bar with NFL ticket to go watch the steelers kick so butt. Every time the steelers make it to the playoffs or Super Bowl we also paint our faces. In a year when I get out the the marine corps we are going to make the 8 hour trip to go see the steelers play in Pittsburgh. I think the Kobrzynski'S deserve a spot because we are always the family screaming and yelling at the tv no matter where we are and when the steelers come on that is priority number 1. And were are not fair weather fans no matter how the steelers are playing or the score they never suck there always the best team that will win the super bowl. And my little daughter Emma rose will be raised a steelers fan!