2014 Applicant

Atlanta Falcons


Caleb Espy / The Atlanta Sports Guy

When you think of sports fans that are die-hard, you often think of fans of bad teams. Fans that support the team no matter what the team is going through. However, fans of the Atlanta Falcons, Braves, Hawks, Thrashers (RIP), or the Georgia Tech Yellow Jackets are one of the most die-hard fan groups there is. These aforementioned teams consistently perform at a high level, dangling success and playoff berths in front of me and my fellow Atlantien's noses. However, Atlanta always seems to fall just short of the making the Superbowl, the World Series, or breaking through to the next round of the NBA playoffs. The Yellow Jackets in both football and basketball often find themselves sitting just outside of contention. They field above average teams, and Georgia Tech always manages to pull off one big upset a year, but then gives away a winnable game late in the season. These types of results make Atlanta fans that much more die hard than any other fan base out there. Year after year we build up hope for our hometown teams, and every year we get our hearts ripped out.

That is why being an Atlanta fan is so impressive. To support these teams year in and year out after countless disappointments takes a lot of heart.

Why do I deserve to be in the fan hall of fame you ask? Let me tell you. I attend every single home football game for the Yellow Jackets, and even make the trip to a few away games or the bowl game. I also turn up for the Jackets when hoops season comes around, by wearing a morph suit and wig, leading the student section in chants and cheers. I also attend around 20 Braves games a year, "painting up" for the big ones, including the home opener and playoff games. I have continued my support for my Dirty Birds through thick and thin, attending several games per season, no matter what our record is. And finally, my beloved Hawks. They have made the playoffs SEVEN years in a row and I have been there for them, attending both regular season and playoff games. The Hawks have put together an impressive string of above average seasons, but cannot seem to take that next step. I also am excited for the new MLS team that is coming to Atlanta in a few years. I have supported the Atlanta soccer movement for the past couple of years, and I am excited to attend Atlanta MLS matches. I also am a huge supporter of the US men's Soccer team, who always seem to spark a fiery passion for the sport during the world cup, but just cannot seem to make it past the round of 16. I attended several USMNT watch parties this summer for the world cup, and loved chanting and singing with the Atlanta chapter of the American Outlaws.

That is why I should be included in the next class of the fan hall of fame. Because I show my immense support and passion for my teams year after year, and I never receive any sort of championship to celebrate.