2014 Applicant

St. Louis Cardinals


Carter Rethwisch / Cardinal Cowboy

In doing this for about 15 years as the Cardinal Cowboy (I first wore the red Cardinal cowboy hat in 1982) I've had the opportunity to impact a number of lives, visit kids all over the area, participate in 100's of charity fundraising fundraisers and visit kids at area hospitals to help encourage them to believe that they too can beat the odds. The reason I do all of this is because I proved the doctors wrong myself as after being hit by drunk driver in a coma they said I would not survive... and then they said I would not be able to take care of myself. Sadly, the driver of our car, Jimmy Barnes did not survive. Fortunately, I proved the doctors wrong and survived. I managed to go on to finish college, grad school and made it as a professional field goal kicker years after my baseball career was ended! This summer I came out of retirement and lead the men's baseball league with a .523 batting average. Remeniscent of when I was selected as SLABA team MVP, losing the League MVP award to now AA Washington Nationals Manager, Brian Rupp. Brian played AAA for the St. Louis Cardinals and actually out hit Derek Jeter in A ball. I was close some say. But I'm obviously here for a different reason. My hope is to inspire as many kids and adults as I can to do the same and beat the odds. Any goal one sets can be achieved if they simply just never give up and believe that they can accomplish their goal.... and NEVER QUIT... I share all of my festivities,fundraising, and events along with visits to hospitals and charities at www.CardinalCowboy.com. Thanks for your time and consideration. #GiddyUp