2014 Applicant

Arizona Wildcats


Chaz Elsten / Mother

Being a fan of U of A football has never been easy, but that is what being a fan is. It is about tough times and cherishing those great moments in sports, just as we do in our own lives. I have seen heartbreak and heroes being a fan of U of A football. But regardless of what happens on the field there is one thing that always reigns true and that is 'Don't Stop Believin'

Along this this path of being a 'fan' of I have had an opportunity to create something special along the way. This group of friends that founded our fan group, the RED ARMY, we have made more fans of U of A football and created a sense of community. Being a fan of U of A football has given me the opportunity to do things in life that I have always wanted to do. U of A football continues to inspire me and want to do great things, just like the team does. Goals evolve and change and become bigger, that is what the U of A does for me. I have along the way, my a name for myself and listed below:

-Founder of the RED ARMY for 14 years, we have been tailgating and attending U of A home and a couple of always games each year.
-Been featured in the Arizona Daily Star, Daily Wildcat, Tucson Citizen over a dozen times for being a huge U of A fan.
-Featured on the cover of 2007 Arizona Daily Star college football preview
-2003 graduate of the U of A.
-In 2008 named U of A's biggest football fan
-2014 on the U of A football poster and other advertising/marketing/football intro.
-In 2008 got my signature BEAR DOWN tattoo on my arms
-Used Bear Down in my wedding vows
-There is a pictue of me holding our D-Fense sign in the stadium
-I applied to be the running backs coach but they I guess my 2 years of pop warner were not enough experience
-Going to games since 1989
-Haven’t missed a game since 2001
-Season ticket holder since 2000
-Entered float in 2007 Arizona Homecoming Parade – The RED ARMY tank
-My 8-year-old lab is named Stoops
-My truck license plate - RED ARMY
-My tailgating trailer license plate - DFENSE
-Office looks like the Arizona bookstore, includes pictures, posters, and other memorabilia including a game ball
-Sent out Christmas card with a picture of Wilbur, Wilma and my Wife
Below are some the articles I have been featured in