2014 Applicant

Cincinnati Reds


Chris Stolle

I can't remember a time in my life when I wasn't a sports fan. When I wasn't able to make sports teams in high school, I decided to write about sports, eventually becoming the sports editor for my high school and college newspapers. I have written two books about sports and have edited several dozen books about sports topics. I play all natures of fantasy games (even bass fishing, golf, and European soccer) and I'll watch almost any sport on TV. I'm currently ranked in the top 700 of all fantasy players on ESPN and I've also had great success in other leagues. Sports have always provided valuable lessons to me as a human being and as a writer. I believe my myriad accomplishments should earn me an opportunity for induction into the Fan Hall of Fame, which will allow me to continue to serve as an ambassador for athletics and how they can make a difference in our lives.