2014 Applicant

Washington Wizards


Danny Frailey / D-Bo

Ill start by stating some facts....fact, I have a room in my house dedicated to the Washington Wizards, I have over 25 autographs of johns wall alone I personally recieved in person,I have a big shoulder tattoo of the wizards logo,I have another portrait tattoo of my son wearing a wizards jersey, my 2 year old son knew the whole Wizards team by name and number before he could read or count to 10, ive been to one of the players houses so he could personally give me 2 jerseys,me and my brother go to certain games with personalized capes we wear and always dressed ready to play incase the team needs us, me and my brother have been asked more times than I can count to take pictures with people while at verizon center simply becuase we r so awsome on the jumbotron so often. But this is not y I am the ultimate fan....I AM THE ULTIMATE FAN, becuase I feel like the verizon center is my home and I am just cheering on my family, With my family when I go to games..taking my family weather its my brothers, mom n dad, or wife and now 3 year old son, I always have the best time screaming as hard as possible for our favorite team to go beast mode on the opposing team. And the only thing that would make me happier than to c my son graduate college is to see My Wizards win a championship ring and actually recieve one myself hahaha