2014 Applicant

Boston Red Sox


David Mitchell

When I was raising my son I wanted to raise him to be a boston red sox fan for life. We went to games every year the red sox came to town. In '09 we went to Boston to experience the red sox game in person. Being at Fenway park w/ your son is the best way to experience a sox game. I am so glad I raised him by myself. We got to experience the red sox nation even though we did not live in Boston. I have been a red sox fan for 47 years & to raise my son to also be red sox fan is the best. The best thing about it is I am not only raising a red sox fan but also we have a great thing in common for life. We can always talk about the sox & I will tell you being able to do that w/ your son is the best kind of son you could have. I am not saying that just because your child doesn't become a fan like his or her father doesn't mean you love it any less.