2014 Applicant

New York Mets


Edwin Boison / Cowbell Man

Edwin "Eddie" Boison, known as Cow-Bell Man, is a stadium fixture for the New York Mets. He can be seen at nearly every home game at Citi Field, wandering around the concourses while banging a cowbell. He typically wears personalized jerseys with the nom de plume CowbellMan. In 2009, he wore a batting practice jersey with the number 15, which from 2005-2011 was assigned to outfielder Carlos Beltran.Prior to the Mets' acquisition of Beltran, Cow-Bell Man's jersey featured the number 10, worn by Endy Chavez. Cow-Bell Man is usually seen strolling around Citi-Field interacting with the fans. Boison never knows where his seats are, he travels across the stadium hitting his cow bell to the tune of “Lets Go Mets” and continues to do so throughout the game, specifically critical moments of the game.

His day job is a cafeteria worker, and has been in the cow-bell business since 1975, where he hit his original cow-bell to the chant of “Lets Go Mets," people cheered, and the rest was history.