2014 Applicant

Pittsburgh Penguins


Eric Balash

I have been a Pittsburgh Penguins fan since as long as I can remember. Both of my parents grew up in Pittsburgh then moved to Northeast Ohio. Growing up in Northeast Ohio as a Pittsburgh sports fan was always hard because the high population of Cleveland Browns fans. Especially since Cleveland does not have a professional hockey team, and the closest professional hockey team is the Columbus Blue Jackets; hockey was not seen as a big time sport. But Penguins hockey has always been a big deal to me. I will always remember going to my first penguins game at The Igloo and being able to watch Mario and Jagr fly around the ice and make magic. I remember my 11th birthday getting a #66 sweater and immediately wanting to go to the ice rink in town and wear it and skate around and pretend that I was on the ice with him. Last year my parents get tickets for my family to go Consol Energy Center to watch the Penguins again for my first time at Consol. I have always followed and loved this team through the 20 win seasons in the early 2000s and I remember crying after the Avalanche won the Stanley Cup in 2003 because of the impending lock-out. I will never forget the 2009 Stanley Cup finals with Fleury's save in game 7 to win the Stanley Cup and it was my background on my laptop. No matter where I live, the Penguins will always be my hometown team.