2014 Applicant

Carolina Panthers


Gregory Good / The Catman!

Panther Fans young and old expect me to Represent our Team,and I have done so since 1995, our inception. I Love Football & hurt when we lose but are ecstatic when we win! With all of my Panthers Fame, I've used it to help others forget for a short while, their Muscular Dystrophy, or other illness's and put smiles on their faces with, my presence & A Free Catman Bobble Head Doll. Teaching Anger Management and being Catman is an extra benefit, I'm proof that someone can be whatever they want to be. NFL Football & My Carolina Panthers give me a pedestal from which to increase Self Esteem. I enjoy being Catman all these 19 years later. I've had my 15 minutes of Fame for 3 times But Catman will never quit or retire. Panthers Baby; Panthers Fans are counting on me & I'll never let them down! They see me Weekly on ESPN's Mike&Mike as my Bobble adorns the Shows table with Golic n Greeny! They see me on several NFL FILMS clips or the local Sports News before bed, and they whisper "Catman Represents", I feel I'm a SuperHero to kids & some adults and Fans keep me going, what an Honor to have them see me on TV at the FHOF in Photos or Live at ESPN Network! Thank-You for the Opportunity!