2014 Applicant

Washington Redskins


Jeffrey Chokel / Redskin

Jeff has been a loyal fan of the Washington Redskins for nearly his entire life... The profile picture, drawn by Jeff, was designed to combine a picture of himself and the Redskins logo. He has season tickets and travels to all of their home games(822 miles),and the majority of the remaining games often without any sleep due to his work schedule. Most home games he travels to and from within the same day! His vacation time is utilized to attend the away games and the Redskins training camp. Jeff always wears an article of clothing to show his support and even enthusiastically outfits others with team apparel recruiting more fans. He is well versed in the teams history, franchise info, players, past game scores and plays. So knowledgeable in fact, that he has spoken on a sports related radio show numerous times. He also educates others about the game of football and the Redskins team, he is very generous with his time. The license plate on his car tag reads - Redskn1. When giving gifts he always personalizes his cards and gift wrap with the Redskins logo. While working as a poker dealer, Jeff had the opportunity to deal to Joe Theismann and Dallas football players Emmitt Smith & Troy Aikman and was photographed pointing to his Redskin watch while informing them... it is always "Redskin Time"... These are just a few examples that show how truly dedicated he is to the Redskins team regardless of how well they are playing. When the Redskins win Jeff and his familiy celebrate the win with an ice cream cake... If you are looking for the ultimate fan, Jeff would be a perfect candidate to be included in your Fan Hall of Fame!