2014 Applicant

Kentucky Wildcats


Jennifer Andres / Jenn

I've bled Wildcat blue all my life; since birth, as do most Kentucky Basketball fans. College basketball is just a sport, unless you're in Wildcat Country. For Cats fans, basketball is a way of life. Big Blue Nation is nothing more, nothing less of a large extended family that shares the same passion for basketball. I have watched basketball since I was old enough to look at the T.V., and have carried on that tradition with my son. We watched our first UK Basketball game together when he was 3 days old. I made it clear to everyone, if I give birth during a game, the game must stay on during birth. (Luckily, I went into labor a few days early.)Heck, even my Dog, Diesel is a CATS fan! I think I deserve to be in the Fan Hall of Fame because I am dedicated to my team. Win or lose, I display my fan pride everywhere I go. When I overhear someone talking about basketball, I will join the conversation, whether they want me to or not, just to show the world the love I have for my Wildcats. I may live in Indiana, but I live and breath Kentucky Wildcats Basketball. I will bleed blue until I die.