2014 Applicant

Chicago Bears


Jerry Ludmann / RealDummy

I was born and raised on Chicago's Northwest side and during the Great Depression the Park District would take us to Wrigley Field to watch the Cubs and Da Bears and after the games if you stayed to help clean up Grandstands or whereever they needed you to pick up Hot Dog and Peanut wrappers and wipe the seats clean they would give you tickets for the next gmae so my baseball team would spend as many games as we could watching the Cubs, (I can hear Pat Piper giving the line up now,"Get your pencils and scorecard ready." In fact I think I can still give you the 1938 Cub line-up. We only would get to a couple of Bear games but listened on the Radio every Sunday, In fact, when they were asking the people of Chicago to build a new Statium for the Bears, I wrote the Herald American that if the College All Star game was good enough for Arch Ward and the people of Chicago the Chicago Statium should be good enough for the Bears too. but it wasn't until the 90's when we moved to Las Vegas that I really got interested in football, maybe it was making a friendly wager with another person from out of State or getting involved with the U Pick em games at the local Casino's it been 25 years and we're back in Wisconsin where family is but every year its the same thing wishing summer was over so we could get back to the ESPN U Pick em game. and so sad in February when football season is over, maybe its my age but Baseball kind of puts me to sleep now and at one time I was on the Board of Directors for the "Old Timers Baseball Assoc." here in Chicago. I'm not smaart enough for the Fantasy Football games, hence the nickname "RealDummy" but that also goes for Computers and a few other things that my Great Grandchildren call simple. and seeing I'm to old to play anything anymore to me Football and Hockey are the ONLY spectator sports, at least you can't fall asleep during these games. By the length of this they should have called me Lippy.