2014 Applicant

New York Giants


Joe Ruback / The License Plate Guy

Hall of Fame Fan Stats:

Real Name: Joe Ruback

Fan Alias:
“License Plate Guy (LPG)” (not to be confused with Fabio, Bjorn Borg, or Farrah Fawcett. OK to confuse with Thor).

New York Football Giants

Behind the Giants bench 1st row, all away games circa 2001. 30+ license plates from personal collection and sent from fans around the world will dangle over the stadium edge as permitted.

Blood type:
I bleed blue

Giants fans are bred into the family – that’s how I became a Giants fan because my dad is a fan, his dad was a fan…. I had no choice. ☺

I wore my first license plate, G1ANTS, to a game when I was 16 on a bet from my dad.
To date I now have 30+ plates that have been sent to me from fans around the country. They are all authentic license plates that are NY Giants themed.

Games Attended:
13 consecutive complete seasons, all home and away games
All home games since the Meadowlands opened in 1976.
All 5* Giants Superbowls *I can’t talk about Superbowl 35. It cannot be mentioned.
On the field at the end of Superbowl 46

I’ve been fortunate to be featured as LPG. Here’s a few notables:
On a commercial for NFL Network
Several NFL film spots
The year-end DVD for the Giants for Superbowl 42
Boomer & Carton WFAN morning show 2012
In MetLife Stadium in a video spot on gamedays on the jumbotron to promote good fan behavior: 2012/2013/2014 seasons

Here are a few special media links for you to consider:

NFL network October 31, 2013:




NFL Films presents (as aired on NFL network February 2013):

New York Daily news: http://www.nydailynews.com/sports/football/giants/ny-giants-fan-joe-ruback-spent-12-000-tickets-sunday-nfc-championship-game-san-francisco-49ers-eats-sleeps-breathes-big-blue-article-1.1008995

I’m a Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook machine. Social media has been an amazing platform to unite Giants fans and players in a positive forum. Find me @licenseplateguy

On Wikipedia: License Plate Guy

Statement of Purpose:
My passion for the New York Giants is born out of respect for an incredible game and understanding that fans play an important role in the experience.
I am not “that guy” getting blitzed and foul-mouthed at a game. This is a stone cold sober passion. It’s all about the game and the team and keeping the experience about healthy competition and fun. I only cheer forward. As there are role model players such as the Eli Mannings of the game, I believe so should there be fans with the same class, integrity, and professional morality and ethics. It is my goal to emulate and represent these same qualities. My life has been shaped by New York Giants, a world-class organization. If selected into the ESPN Fan Hall of Fame, this ultimate honor could elevate my fortunate story of fandom and serve as a role model to fans, which is important in this increasing day of fan violence.

Year of Enshrinement:
Whatever year ESPN wants….But there’s no better time than the present ☺