2014 Applicant

Michigan Wolverines


Jon Leopold / Wolverines Trooper

Most weekends I drive 2.5 hours roundtrip to Ann Arbor to attend a sporting event, occasionally going to 5 games over 3 days. Even though I selected football, I love ALL Michigan sports!

I'm fairly certain I'm the only Michigan fan to cheer on every team in person- from football, field hockey, & rowing to water polo, cross country & golf and more! I've been a season ticket holder for gymnastics, women's basketball, and lacrosse.

Besides attending numerous games, I've visited kids at C.S. Mott Children's Hospital as Wolverines Trooper, raised over $600 from photo ops for a girl fighting lymphoma, and entertained donors at blood drives.

I even made my own trading cards to hand out to kids. Within eight months, I ran out of 1,500 cards.

Thank you for your consideration.