2014 Applicant

Buffalo Bills


Joseph Harmon / Joe

The Fan Hall of Fame should highlight fans who endure through thick and thin.

I feel myself and other young Bills fans fit that mold. The Buffalo Bills have missed the playoffs for 15 years, and there I am every weekend on the edge of my seat for them. We almost lost them to Toronto and there I was defending our franchise from a Rock Star. I was 8 years old when I last saw a playoff game and have only heard campfire stories of the 4 Superbowls, Wide Right, No Goal and yet here we are and here I write to you.

I even have to listen to ESPN, Bleacher Report, SB Nation and BuzzFeed occasionally claim Cleveland is the most deprived sports city in America even though they are all wrong. The truth is Buffalo is the most deprived sports city in America and there is no debate left on the topic. When it comes to poorly managed franchises, heartbreaking losses, playoff droughts and bad weather, Buffalo takes the cake. Our owner Ralph Wilson dies and the city came to halt, Mr. Kelly's cancer returned and a city prayed as one voice. There is not on other city or fan base or person in this country that is unified like we are. We have struggled for so long that we have become a forgotten city and sports town and yet here we are and here I write to you.

Every Sunday, in cold, windy and blizzard like conditions I am cultivating a deep Father-Son relationship with my Father. That relationship is no longer based on the outcome of the game, rather based on the memories of pain and occasional joy we experience together. A bond that no single father and only child could have had with out the Buffalo Bills.

One day my father will pass, and everyday after that our seats will be my never ending connection to our relationship, regardless of what the scoreboard reads. Bills games are not social events, and they are not celebrated very often, but they are a connection to family that is non existent in those flash franchises and glitzy cities.

We are Buffalo Bills fans, and in the constant absence of winning, it will never define me, our town, our team, our people and our relationships.

We are Kelly Strong, Buffalo Proud and as gritty tough as they come.


Joe Harmon.