2014 Applicant

Jimmie Johnson

Auto Racing

Josh Hubbard Jr / J.J.

JJ is the youngest but biggest Jimmie Johnson fan. Neither his mom nor I pull for Jimmie so JJ picked him all on his own. He became a Jimmie Johnson fan at the age of 3 and spends every cent he gains on Jimmies merchandise. He is definatley a fan hall of famer and is probably Jimmie's smallest but biggest fan. JJ is a great kid and aslong as he keeps working hard at school he will attend his first race in Martinsville next spring. Hopefully there he can gain some memories and more merorabilia to add to his Jimmie Johnson collections. Althouhgh I dont think theres much he doesnt have pertaining to Jimmie's merchandise. Hes a great kid whos already faced pain is his life when he lost his 16 year old aunt. Hes every bit deserving of the Fan HOF title.