2014 Applicant

St. Louis Blues


Justin Meers / meerzy_16

The blues never quit on me. No matter where they are in the standings they always gave their best efforts on the ice and always put on a good show for not only the fans but for the city of St.Louis. I was there when they won the presidents trophy and lost to San Jose in 1999-2000, and during their 3-5 year stretch where they didn't make the playoffs. The blues are apart of me, just like hockey is. I can name every Plager brother, every Cavallini brother, and every Sutter brother and all I've ever wanted is a parade down market street. So here's to all the blues fans putting the biscuit in the basket, tickling the twine, and slipping the kitten past the mitten. LONG LIVE THE NOTE. #teamstl