2014 Applicant

Alabama Crimson Tide


Kendall Stephens

I am a native Nevadan with an Alabama heart of Crimson! I've been a fan of the best football program EVER since birth, I'm sure. I dawn red underwear all season long and proudly sport my Roll Tide Roll garb everywhere I go, especially on game day. I am ridiculed at work because I don't wear blue (for UNR) on Fridays, which is a big taboo for a State of NV worker (me). That's okay! I was taunted and harassed by a real moose of man at the sports book last year during the ill fated Auburn game, for which I mourned the loss for days! Last year was cause for much disappointment but I ain't no fair weather fan and dedication to my team still prevails! You can keep your ridicule and your negative remarks-the fact remains the Tide rolls on! Remember, "If you want to walk the heavenly streets of gold, you gotta know the password, "Roll Tide Roll!" -Bear Bryant (one of the all time best coaches EVER!)