2014 Applicant

Denver Broncos


Kyle Crescente / KJ

I believe I should be in the Fan Hall of Fame because my love for the Denver Broncos is bigger than anyone could try to explain. Ever since I was a little kid i latched onto the Broncos logo and I have not stopped since. I was born in 1995 and ever since then, I have been supporting the orange and blue. Although I live in NY, my main goal in life to make sure I end up living in Denver. Ever since I was about 13, I made my mind up that Denver is where I belong. If you asked someone that knows me to describe me in one word, the Broncos would come to mind first, 100% of the time. Being in NY, the Broncos games are not broadcasted on national TV, but that did not stop me from watching the games. Thanks to DirectTV and Sunday NFL ticket, I am able to watch every game. I couldn't name the last time I missed a game, simply because I never have! Every game day comes with the same ritual. I wake up and put on the same bronco pants and same bronco socks. After that I throw on the same broncos under shirt and throw on one of my many Broncos jerseys. Finishing it all off I put on my Broncos robe and then my whole day consists of impatiently waiting for the Broncos to start. Sundays are not the only day I think about the Broncos. Because I wear Broncos clothing everyday, that alone makes everyday gameday, but along with the clothing, I check up on the team website for interviews and photos, multiple times every day. My bedroom walls are painted white, orange, and blue, with Broncos fatheads, posters, pennants, pictures, and many other wall accessories. While in my room there is an opportunity to see over 100 Broncos logos spread all along my room. Being only 19, I haven't had much time to think about tattoos but it wont be long until the Broncos logo is permanently on me forever.