2014 Applicant

Pittsburgh Penguins


Lauren Derwacter

Hello. I am submitting my application not only for myself but in honor of all the shelter animals looking for a fur ever home. About 10 years ago I was named "sixth kid" because I had submitted a video about the thank you cards I hand delivered each player after the final home game of a"losing" season, my picture was featured on some of the season ticket holder tickets a yeAR before I won the title and so much more, currently I bought the NHL center ice package in order to watch every game I can living in ohio. But now I am submitting in honor of all of the shelter animals that the penguins also support. My now husband of over 4 years and I have realized that we cannot have children. With this we have decided that our point in life is to support and give not only a temporary home to the fur babies we can rehome, but to give a warm home to any animal. We live with my husband's parents currently but our goal is to build our own home on the 88 acres they own, on the land they have given us. I have fallen even more in love with the penguins organization the more they support shelter pets and again I am submitting to help these fur babies. My husband and I hope to build a home suited to support the homeless animals until they find a furever home or until the grace of God calls them home. I will forever be the biggest Pittsburgh penguins fan and I cannot wait to build our fur filled home in honor of not only the pens but any homeless animal we can. The fur babies I support will always be #1 Pittsburgh penguins fan in my heart!