2014 Applicant

Ohio State Buckeyes


Michael Smith / CWG

I'm the biggest Ohio St fan there is. Everything I own pretty much has an Ohio State logo on it. I have Ohio St tattoed on my body. My wedding was Ohio St themed, in the middle of July. I refused to have a fall wedding cause it might clash with Ohio St's schedule. I bank at a certain bank in Ohio cause they are the official bank of Ohio State. I have Ohio St bank card and checks.

My wedding. The groomsmen were dressed like Woody Hayes. The bridesmaids wore scarlett dresses with grey shoes. We had special wooden roses made for boquet. They were scarlett and grey. Our cake had red and grey icing with Ohio St on it. Our sand ceremony was taking red and grey sand from Ohio St shot classes and pour them into a bigger Ohio St cup. For our engagement pictures, we wore Ohio St jerseys.

My computer, the Ohio ST fight song plays when it loads up. Carmen Ohio plays when it shuts down.

I have all Ohio St christmas decorations. I send Ohio St christmas cards. I have Ohio St wrapping paper.

I eat, live, and breathe Ohio St