2014 Applicant

Kansas City Royals


Michael Tulensa / Benga

Well to be honest I shouldn't have to state my case for the Hall of Fame considering the fact that I am 23 years old and since the age of 5 I've been 100% dedicated The Kansas City Royals! From Sweeney to Gordon I've seen some great players and my love for the team throughout the multiple losing seasons has only gotten bigger! Every night since I can remember I've sat in my room for 3-5 hrs long cheering the kids from Mizz on. No matter how much they were losing or how bad their record was I stayed true to the Crown. Considering the fact that I am born and raised in NY with all these Yankees fans here has only made my LOVE for the team Grow! I EAT SLEEP AND DREAM Royals baseball. This year has been by far the most enjoyable year of my life. And I am not exaggerating! When they came back from being 7-3 to the As it brought tears to my eyes. Sweeping the Angels in the ALDS was a moment that I will never forget. Winning the ALCS was a numbing experience for me knowing that I was finally going to experience a World Series. When referring to the Royals I always say us or we because I truly feel like I am apart of the team. My TV is always on an exact volume when watching the Royals. I have to be sitting in the same seat with the same Powder Blue Royals hat on. Although we came up short with our magical year I have been been prouder to say i am a Kansas City Royals Fan. You will never find one that truly puts every ounce of energy into watching them. It's not like I watch them play for 3 hours then it's till tomorrow. After the game i think about what WE could of done better as a team so that we have a better outcome next game. They are constantly on my mind. During the season and during the Offseason I am 24/7 Royals baseball. I hope you guys consider how much i've put into the Royals emotionally when choosing your winner. If another fan is choosen I am sorry to inform you but if that happened you guys Made a HORRIBLE mistake. Thanks! BE ROYAL!!!