2014 Applicant

Philadelphia Eagles


Michael Young / One Crazy Fan

Im not only a fan of the team, but a fan of the "Fan". I create a game day experience both home and away in Tailgating. I welcome fans of home and visiting teams to join the experience with music, food and opportunity to meet new people.

I do my best to help charities such as ALS, PAL, Lung Cancer and others by having former players join the parties so fans can hang out, talk football,take photos and have an experience they don't often get

I started out many years ago by buying an ambulance and called it the Tailgate Rescue Squad, stocking it with ANYTHING a tailgater would run out of or forget..and allow them to help themselves if they needed, anything to make it the best experience possible.

Understanding how hard it is to go on the road without your gameday supplies, I spend many months creating relationships with opposing fans and help set up tailgate parties for traveling fans so their experience is just as good on the road.

To be in the Fan Hall of Fame I believe you must show your passion for the team as well as represent the Fan. I hope that what I do represents my team and fans in a good light to all other teams fans. After all, we are the city of brotherly love