2014 Applicant

Chicago White Sox


Nikhil Gaur / Nick

I started rooting for the White Sox at age 5. My dad had taken me to plenty of games, but it wasn't until their dismal 2007 season that I watched every game and analyzed statistics. Since 2007, I have watched every White Sox game in its entirety, whether on TV or from the ballpark. I run a Chicago White Sox fan page on Facebook (facebook.com/cwscentral) with over 4,000 fans. We are a close community of knowledgeable fans who enjoy debating about players and about the White Sox. Overall, my love for the game/statistics, watching of every game at a young age (currently 15), and my Sox fan page make me a worthy member of the Fan Hall of Fame. Please note that the picture attached is of me meeting Mark Buehrle in 2004.