2014 Applicant

Charlotte Hornets


Phillip Graham / Hornetssuperfan

HI , I'm a die hard Charlotte Hornets fan from Charlotte nc . I've been a bobcat fan and when the name changed back to my child hood team I was so happy. As soon as the new logo came out I went straight to my tattoo shop and had it tattoo on me forever. Since then it's been on the news and players have signed it and I went over the signature with ink to last for ever. Players who have signed it are muggesy, Dell durry , Kemba walker , mkg , lance STEVENSON, hugo the hornet and part owner NELLY . The singer song writer. My dream and wish is to get the whole team and MJ MY CHILDHOOD HERO. Being a hornets fan is a life style for our family , we are season ticket holders for life #buzzcity