2014 Applicant

Western Kentucky Hilltoppers


Ryan Williams / Rhyno

Greetings, My name Ryan Williams, from Louisville, KY, and I am a 5th year Senior at Western Kentucky University. I am known as the huge Volleyball Lady toppers fan not only because of my attendance of the 5 years at the home games, but also my infinite energy I bring to the Arena. Volleyball was the first sport event I saw coming in as a freshman, and I got addicted to the game. Another thing about me that some don't know about me is me having Asperger Syndrome, which is high-functioning version of Autism. So you'd think I would avoid sporting events, instead this boosted my social interaction meeting many people that would impact my life today. It's been such a blessing to do what I could possibly do to the best of my ability to make an impact in a crucial moment in a game. I hope to earn a spot in the Fan Hall of Fame because of my determination and I believe I'm one of a kind that my energy and support to the team are unmatched and could not be duplicated, but I hope I can inspire more people to watch volleyball and see what fun can be brought into a sport like this and its what the Rhyno can do.