2014 Applicant

Philadelphia Eagles


Shaun Young / Ultimate Eaglezphan

Shaun Young was inducted into the Pro Football's Ultimate Fan Association as part of the class of 2009.
Shaun has been an Eagles season ticket holder since 1993. He has traveled to approximately half of the NFL cities and plans on visiting every stadium at least once.
Shaun's passion for his team even led him to attend a playoff game in 2002 w a burst appendix, which burst the day prior. He also shares much of his time giving back to his
local communities. Participating in many charitable events like cancer walks, MS walks and basically any event he is requested to attend. Shaun also talks w kids about the importance
of staying in school, staying away from drugs and alcohol and never being tempted by peer pressure. Shaun is also an advocate of anti-bullying and has attended events supporting this cause. Shaun continues to keep a busy schedule giving back and assisting w raising $$$$$ for many charitable events throughout the calendar year, not just during football season. I have begun a Drugs Are Nasty program in the Philadelphia area where I speak at schools to kids ages K-6. I continue to attend 3-4 road games each season in addition to our home games.