2014 Applicant

Pittsburgh Steelers


Zack Rosenberg

I have been a Steelers fan for longer than my memory serves me. Living in New York, my dad wanted me to be a Jets fan like my brother is. I clearly dodged a bullet there. My uncle got me to be a Steelers fan and gave me a Jerome Bettis jersey as a kid. Since then I have been there through good and bad. I remember in 2003 watching Tommy Maddox lose to the Jets 6-0 in a blizzard live. I remember the joy when the Steelers drafted Ben Roethlisberger the next year and crying when they lost to the Patriots in the AFC Championship. And of course I remember the three Super Bowl appearances and two wins since. My fandom reached it's peak in January when after an 8-8 season, I committed to the Steelers for life by getting the Steelers to be my first tattoo(you can see it in the photo). That is why I deserve to be in the Fan Hall of Fame.