Lib Dooley

Boston Red Sox


Lib Dooley bought her first Red Sox season-ticket pass in 1944 and was a fixture at Fenway Park until her passing in 2000. She watched games intently from Box 36-A in the front row behind the Red Sox on-deck circle and even delivered Oreos to players. When she took her nephews to ballgames, she had one rule: they were only allowed to ask questions during the third, fifth, and seventh innings.

Ms. Dooley was more than a fan of the game; she was a friend of it. On August 30th of every year, she would call Ted Williams to wish him a happy birthday. When the Baseball Hall of Fame rejected Sox center fielder Dom Dimaggio, she contacted the committee directly to lobby on his behalf. The players weren’t “players” to her; they were family.

Though she passed away before Boston ended the Curse of the Bambino, her memory forever lives with the Sox. Her contribution to the team and the game of baseball are indelible.

Lib Dooley is the Fan Hall of Fame’s first-ever Honorary Inductee. She begins a tradition in which the Hall will elect an honorary member to join each year’s induction class.