Pierce Wallace / Georgia Joker

Georgia Bulldogs


The Georgia Joker is more than a fan. The Georgia Joker is a symbol, a symbol for the Bulldog nation to rally around, a symbol of extreme fandom and epic loyalty. There is simply no other fan around the country as dedicated as the Georgia Joker.

I have always been the biggest Dawg fan since I was a little boy. My friends and family knew me as the die-hard Georgia boy forever and always, so it only seemed fitting that my destiny was fulfilled of attending the University of Georgia. I am only a freshman at UGA but I knew my enthusiasm and dedication needed to be shown at every UGA football game. Thus the Georgia Joker was born. Combining the incredible performance of Heath Ledger’s Joker in The Dark Knight with my own impersonations and love for that character, I created this persona of hype and indestructible loyalty to the Dawgs.

One fact you can count on is seeing me in section 109 in the very front row every Saturday when the Bulldogs tee it up between the hedges. You can also expect me to make the road trips as well. Wherever my Dawgs are, I am. Suffice to say, you can always pick me out because of my bright green wig –in a sea of red –and obviously my Joker makeup. The rest of my attire includes spiked shoulder pads, a fully painted body, a Georgia flag, a vuvuzela, joker cards with the Georgia logo on them, a Georgia armband, and usually the opposing team's mascot dangling from the spikes on my shoulder pads.

What makes me unique as the Georgia Joker is that I act as the Joker would through impressions and imitations before, during, and after the game. Before every kickoff, I say the Joker’s famous phrase: “And…here…we…go.” Another thing I always do is use the Joker’s particular laugh whenever the camera is on me or whenever the opposing team looks at me or does something terrible during the game. If you follow me on twitter (@TheGeorgiaJoker) I always combine the Joker’s quotes with a Georgia football twist. Lastly, a week before a major Georgia football game I’ll always make a Georgia Joker video which imitates one of the Joker’s scenes by implementing the other team as the plot and resembling the scene’s actual script in order to hype up the Georgia players and fans before the matchup. My most successful one was the Joker’s video threat scene for the UGA-LSU game. The video was a success with over 63,000 views, which came from all 50 states and 126 different countries, not to mention various articles were written on me, including one from the famous Bleacher Report.

Finally, the Georgia Joker has been featured on almost every media from ESPN official Twitter to USA Today. I have made ESPN’s official Twitter when they tweeted saying “Looks like the Georgia Joker is seriously enjoying this SCvs.UGA showdown”; I have had photos of me posted on Sports Illustrated Fans of the Week three times; there have been two gifs made of me; I was in the picture that made the front page of the Florida Times-Union Newspaper; I was the cover man for an article talking about UGA’s “red-out” game against LSU; I made ESPN College Gameday numerous times with two close-ups of me and one segment where I was right by Chris Fowler’s shoulder giving my Joker smile; CBS has put me on the air for incredible amounts of time during their broadcasts of the UGA-LSU game and the UGA-Florida game; I have numerous supporters and followers on the Georgia Joker’s Twitter page; both CBS commentators Verne Lundquist and Gary Danielson have made comments on me. It’s a no brainer why I truly desire to add “Fan Hall of Fame” to the list.

The Georgia Joker is not just a fan but also a symbol, an indestructible symbol of the Bulldog nation and of what a true fan really is. I truly want to be amongst the greatest fans in history and I can assure you I will do honor to that accolade. “I’m a man of my word.” So please vote for me! Thank you and GO DAWGS!!!