John Chubb / BUCK-I-GUY

Ohio State Buckeyes


Growing up in the shadow of Ohio Stadium just three miles from “The Shoe”, I became a lifelong Buckeye Fan. Since the 1970’s, I have attended numerous home, away, and bowl game the Buckeyes have played. Over the years my fandom has morphed into the personality known as “Buck-I-Guy” the capped-crusader of Buckeye Nation. As Buck-I-Guy, I display the love of collegiate athletics, The Ohio State University, Buckeye Nation, and sports fans around the world. The Buck-I-Guy personality extends far beyond the football stadium. Being community-minded, I attend Pop Warner Football Games all over Ohio, and contribute to their activities. I am also involved in various community events, local school functions, and visitation to seniors in assisted living facilities. In my many travels, I never know what I may be called on to do, but I am always ready. On one occasion, my son Tremaine and I were driving to a Cleveland Browns game when we witnessed a car in front of us flips over and catch on fire. My son and I were first on the scene and we were able to pull the passengers from the car seconds before it exploded. Now, I am not only considered a super-fan, but also a super-hero. John “BUCK-I-GUY” Chubb.