Mary Mollerberg / Gram'ma

Boston Red Sox


My Name is Mary Mollerberg, lived in East Providence R.I. until I was 98years old. I have lived in Maine since, with my family. I have always been a die hard Red Sox fan and wouldn't trade all those many gruesome years trying to break the curse!! I never thought after all those years, I would ever see the Red Sox win a World Series before I go. Being blessed with seeing not 1, not 2 but 3 World Series was a dream come true. Living so close to Boston, I still can't believe I never made it to a game in between traveling the world and watching my children, grandchildren, great-grandchildren and great- great-grandchildren grow up. I first started out listening to the games before TV's were invented, then settled in nice with my black & white TV, then being able to listen on car rides and eventually on colored tv that has me feeling like I am on the field. Either watching or listening to the game vs the Yankees I always had my hands ready to give those Yankee players the "wammie" up to bat or pitching.

A few years ago I had made it to being 100! Never though I would, must have been the vodka tonics I like once in a while still :) After years of heckling my great grand-daughter that I wish I could make it to a game or she should take me to a Red Sox game since I had never been and wanted too. My great grand-daughter had been planning and trying to get in contact with the Red Sox to have me recognized and make it possible to see a game. She told me the Summer I was 100 and Fenway had turned 100 years (young) that I needed to make sure my Red Sox gear is all together because I was going for my game ever!! Never did I think being a die hard Red Sox fan for 100 years (young), never missing a game, I would be recognized at FENWAY during the Red Sox game. It was simply amazing and indescribable the emotions and feelings I had. Having my first time at Fenway MY DAY made me LOVE the Red Sox that much more. I know what it is like to be a die hard, FAITHFUL, heartbroken, Happy and PROUD Boston Red Sox Fan!! I will always carry my love for the Red Sox with me, even at 103 years young today 11/10/2014...Go Boston Red Sox -- Mary Mollerberg #1 Fan