2013 Finalist

Canaan Sandy / CJ

Arkansas Razorbacks


Who can get the entire church to call the Hogs? Canaan! Who has the 2014 Hogs' football schedule memorized? CJ! Who makes his mom drive him 4 1/2 hrs each way to see a Razorback football, basketball, or baseball game? CJ! Who would buy dirt if it had Razorback on it? CJ! Who sits in the car to listen to Hog talk on the radio? CJ! Who makes the family plan around Hog games? CJ! Who picks the Hogs to win Every game? CJ! Who is determined to wear Razorback shirts everywhere, everytime? CJ! Who cheers as loud in the livingroom as he does at a Hogs' game? CJ! Who only wants Hog stuff for gifts? CJ!

Who is the MOST dedicated fan the Hogs have EVER had? CANAAN!!!!