2013 Finalist

Darrell Bailey / Clipper Darrell

Los Angeles Clippers


My name is Darrell Bailey aka Clipper Darrell, and I’ve been a Los Angeles Clipper fan for 20 years.

Loyalty is my most distinguishable trait, having attended over 500 home games, 386 of them consecutive. My streak only ended because I was hospitalized for severe chest pains.

Being a fan is the most important thing to me behind my faith & my family. I converted my home into a virtual Clipper shrine. I wear a customized Clipper suit made up of two 3-piece suits, half red half blue, sewn together all the way down to matching socks and shoes. And I didn’t stop there, I converted my 740i BMW to a Clipper mobile--the exterior and interior matches my suit—PRICELESS!

So I live, breathe, and drive red, white and blue. I’ll do whatever it takes to give my team an edge going as far as calling opposing teams 7-foot muscular giants U-G-L-Y. My biggest joy is being able to connect with all the fans in the arena and giving the team that extra boost. I’ve believed in the Clippers from day one and always will!