2014 Finalist

Kevin Schroeder / Dancing Kevin

Columbus Blue Jackets


I first started dancing for my Bluejackets back in 2002 when my girlfriend and I attended a Sunday noon game that spring. We were out of the playoffs & we were playing the Anaheim Mighty Ducks who we're resting their stars. All throughout the game my girlfriend was trying to get on the jumbotron. I told her if she really wanted on a fat guy dancing will get her on and began to dance. I got on and as I danced I pushed her out of the way. The crowd went nuts.

Well then my job with an airline took me to Colorado Springs Colorado. meanwhile the Bluejackets kept playing my footage. People would call and ask if I'm at the game. Still didn't think much of it until I was in a Subway one day wearing a Jackets hat & a family from Columbus were behind me in line & started talking to me about the Jackets. Then he noticed that I was the guy from the jumbotron. I walked home and sent an email to the Jackets thanking them & asking them if they wanted I could fly back for free since I worked for an airline and do something different for them. Didn't think I would hear anything from them but a few days later they replied and said they would love that but then the lockout occurred. I figured they would forget but after the lockout they emailed me and asked if I could be there for the home opener against Calgary & they would give me a couple tickets! I said sure and my girlfriend and I flew back.

Before the game I asked my girlfriend to write GO CBC on my belly because the first time I danced I didn't take my shirt off so wanted to do something different. When the time came I yanked off my shirt & shimmied. The crowd went nuts!! After the game the Jackets got emails and told me whenever I'm in town let them know and I could dance. So I started flying back and forth from Colorado for games.

It started to snowball and it led to tv commercials in Columbus,Milwaukee,Omaha,Detroit,Casper,Edmonton, Halifax and Colorado Springs. Some dances went viral like the Arty Party and the home opener this year against the NYR where I danced with the Labatt Bear. I was named most legendary person in the world by a radio station in Melbourne Australia. Was trending in Sweden and was all over ESPN on all their shows. Was on Inside Edition and so many other shows and sites.

The notoriety is great but that's not why I do it. I do it for the team,the city,the state and mainly the fans I love. The team, organization and the fans we've been through so much together and it's really a family. And to do something that makes those guys happy or to pump up the noise in that arena that pumps up the team is the greatest and biggest gift I get from it all. Belly love is what I share and the love I get back is more than I can ever explain!

Thank you Columbus and Go Jackets!!!