2014 Finalist

Mary Slokovitz

New York Yankees


My name is John Slokovitz and I am not doing this for me. I would like to nominate my wife, Mary. She is an AMAZING woman who loves three things in this life above everything else, God, her family/friends, and the New York Yankees. In fact she loves the Yankees so much that instead of having our wedding at a church she insisted we be married at Yankee Stadium. Mary is a lifelong Yankee fan who considers her biggest regret in life is not getting tickets to the game on July 9, 2011 when Derek Jeter recorded his 3000th hit. She collects newspapers of every historic event this franchise has. This is a hobby that must have been preordained, because her grandfather kept the newspaper recording Reggie Jackson's magical Game 6 from the 1977 World Series, when he hit three homeruns, only to give it to Mary decades later. But Mary doesn't just collect papers she was enshrined on page 6 of the Daily News on the day George M Steinbrenner III passed away. She was photographed laying roses at the iconic Gate 4 in front of the stadium to honor "The Boss". Even though it was during the middle of the week and she had work she knew that she needed to be there. Mary has lived and died with the Yankees since childhood, and I will be forever grateful for that. The reason is because without her undying love we might have never met. Mary and I met at Stan's Sports Bar, across the street from the old stadium, on 11/4/2009, the night the Yankees won their 27th World Championship. Since then Stan's has held a special place in our hearts. We frequent there whenever we attend a game. In fact we love this place so much Mary convinced them to allow us to hold our rehearsal dinner there the day prior to our wedding. This marked the first time Stan's would ever open its doors while the Yankees were NOT playing. But they are not the only ones to recognize her love for the organization. In Lieu of asking for china or bedding for our wedding we became the first couple ever to register with Steiner Sports. So instead of receiving dishes and silverware as gifts we got memorabilia autographed by Mariano Rivera and Derek Jeter. Even the gifts she gave me on the day of our nuptials included our wedding invitation with a hand written blessing from Mo as well as a pair of seats from the old stadium which we used to sit in for the reception. Her love doesn't end there, Mary has memorized every year the Yankees have won the World Championship, "just incase THAT is the $1 million question" (her words). Mary even designed the logo for our wedding to resemble the Yankees logo but instead of a "N" and a "Y" we had an interlocking "M" and "J". We even participated in the ALS Icebucket Challenge in front of the Lou Gehrig Memorial in monument park at the stadium on our wedding day. We obviously didn't pour water on our heads but we did dump $200 over us and then donated it to the cause. When Derek Jeter announced his retirement last year Mary immediately attempted to get tickets to his last game in the Bronx. When she realized that they were almost impossible to get she did what any true fan would do, she bought a multi-game package which she made sure included the last game. Mary knows historical facts, player bios, administrative details, as well as the stadium itself better than she knows anything in this world. She is a true New York Yankee fan and deserves the honor of being named in this 3rd annual class of inductees in the Fan Hall of Fame. Below I have submitted pictures from our wedding. As you can see they feature us (1)on the field, (2)in monument park, participating in the Ice Bucket Challenge, (3)in front of our backdrop that Mary designed which included our logos, as well as (4)a picture taken during my vows in which I asked everyone to rise in order to give Mary the standing ovation she deserves. She said that was the most special part of her day, knowing that she had joined the ranks of all those Yankee greats who had received a standing ovation at Yankee Stadium. There are thousands more which include games we have gone to and good times we have shared cheering on the Yankees. So it is with great honor that I nominate the person who I am the biggest fan of to represent the team which she is the biggest fan of in this competition. No one I know is more worthy than she and my hope is that I have been able to express just how deserving she is in this letter. Thank you for taking the time to read my story.

An Eternally Grateful Husband...